The AUUG Music Device Translates Movement into Sound

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: auug & kickstarter
Running your fingers over the strings of a guitar, the keys of a piano or the holes of a flute is no longer the only way to make music thanks to the AUUG motion synth music device. Designed by Joshua Young as way of enabling electronic musicians to get more connected and expressive with their music and their audience, the AUUG motion synth allows any musician to play a note and then alter it with just a movement of their hand.

The music device come with three parts: the physical component is a special grip that fits to any iPhone or iPod Touch, while the software includes the AUUG phone app and AUUG cloud. The app converts the phone's motion sensor data into sound-altering signals and transfers them to other sound apps or external devices, including vocal harmonizers or hardware synths. The AUUG cloud allows for uploading presets created with the app and connection with online community and forum.

This motion synth technology has the ability to alter the face for electronic music by slowly dissolving the indirect connection between musicians and their music.