From Artsy Video Sharing Platforms to Multi-User Filming Apps

 - May 12, 2015
These video sharing platforms range from multi-user mobile apps to artsy social media accounts that draw inspiration from popular sites like Instagram and Tumblr. As consumers grow more attached to their mobile devices, communication is no longer limited to words or even popular emojis but is more image-based.

In addition to documenting their lives through social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, mobile users are embracing video sharing platforms like Snapchat, Vine and even Vibbidi, a new app that helps one create, edit and filter artistic video clips.

On the video streaming front, kid-focused video platforms and on-demand music video apps are on the rise and are all about appealing to niche interests. Other standouts from this list include experiential film apps that are branded by a celebrity or major company in an effort to market a new product or personal project.