The Skoog 2.0 is a Whole New Kind of Musical Instrument

 - Nov 24, 2014
References: skoogmusic & gizmag
The Skoog 2.0 is a cube-shaped digital musical instrument and controller that was borne out of the Skoog, which was originally developed by Edinburgh-based Skoogmusic as an instrument targeted towards children with disabilities. Version 2.0 aims to have a broader appeal in the consumer market. It comes with mobile companion apps, wireless capabilities and portability thanks to a battery compartment.

The Skoog 2.0 is designed so even someone who has never played an instrument before can pick it up and create music in minutes. Color-coded convex spots on the cube's surface activates preset sounds in companion apps and software. This is made possible by the presence of sensors inside the cube, which detect the movement of magnets embedded in the foam.

When users squish the foam, the magnets move, and the software figures out how much and from what direction the foam is being compressed.