- Dec 6, 2015
From chip-based musical instruments and chip canister-created songs, Pringles has been transforming its iconic packaging into highly creative ads, props and new products.

The cylindrical canister that maintains the shape and form of Pringles chips is now available in unique Christmas candles that smell like festive foods. Pringles has also launched numerous creative flavors such as chocolate, caramel and Siracha, which caters to the unique interests of curious consumers and adventures foodies.

Additionally, Pringles has been extremely creative when executing marketing tactics to promote the chips too. For example, the brand launched a campaign called 'Pringles Duck Lip,' which invites consumers to capture, name and share their favorite pose with the iconic chip-lip look. Pringles continues to explore new flavors and chip-based marketing schemes that maintain its loyal brand following.

From Food-Scented Christmas Candles to Chip-Based Musical Instruments: