This Amazing Beat-Pumping Song by M4SONIC Uses Only a Pringles Can

 - Jul 20, 2015
References: foodbeast
M4SONIC collaborated with Pringles to produce an amazingly catchy track that is made entirely of sounds from chips and chip canisters. The creative collaboration tested M4SONIC as a music producer to hone and focus his skills.

As a producer and creator of electronic dance music, beats come naturally to this music guru. However, this interesting track featured a completely new style. The beats were created by tapping the sides of the Pringles container, the top of the container and by popping off the lid. The familiar sound of crunching a potato chip was also incorporated into the soundtrack too.

The video shows the fun and interesting ways that this music producer used this chip canister to create an intensely catchy and concert-styled tune. By layering, repeating and overlapping the sounds, pure studio magic was made.