The 'AwareCar' Vehicle Locator System Brings the IoT to Older Models

 - Dec 22, 2015
References: awarestack & gizmag
New vehicles are usually outfitted with technology and options that enable users to track maintenance or location via an app, but to enable consumers to get such technology without upgrading their car there's the 'AwareCar' Vehicle Locator System. Designed to work with virtually any vehicle on the road, the 'AwareCar' Vehicle Locator System will enable users to locate their vehicle quickly, track how much they're driving and even be able to open mapping software with a single swipe when they come within proximity.

The best features of the 'AwareCar' Vehicle Locator System is that it not only costs around $10, but also features a replaceable battery that will last for around one year before needing to be replaced.