Rakna is and Egyptian Valet Service that Aims to End Traffic Congestion

 - Apr 7, 2016
References: raknaapp & enca
Rakna is a recently developed valet service app that aims to put an end to traffic congestion in Cairo, Egypt. The mobile car service offers on-demand access and hopes to not only improve the lives of local drivers but also that of tourists who have trouble finding parking in the busy urban area.

While Cairo is known for its slow-moving traffic and congested roads, Rakna hopes to change this with its convenient new platform which is set to launch within the next six months. The app is Egypt's first-ever on-demand valet service platform and is quickly accessed by users who must simply make a parking request -- similar to calling an Uber.

Once requested, valet reps will meet drivers and are able to successfully park their vehicles inside designated lots until vehicles are needed again.