Chick-fil-A Hopes to Win Over Millennials with 'Mom's Valet'

 - Jan 7, 2016
References: chick-fil-a & yahoo
As a leader in the QSR industry, Chick-fil-A is hoping to stay relevant with a new generation of Millennial parents with its new 'Mom's Valet' service.

After noting how difficult the ordering process is for many parents with young children, the American chain sought a solution to ease the stress of dining out. The service also known as the Parent's Valet will make it possible for a family to place an order through a drive-thru window, park and then eat indoors at a reserved table. The service began at one location and soon, the Mom's Valet is expected to be offered at hundreds, if not thousands, of the brand's locations across the United States.

Rather than having to wrangle kids to a car, counter and a table, the valet service simplifies a process that often involves weary parents dealing with strollers, bags and hungry, impatient kids.