From Zero Waste Markets to Express Laundry Apps

 - Apr 24, 2016
Cloud-connected gyms and dairy-free dessert bars are just a few of the most innovative April 2016 new venture ideas to come forth as of late.

In keeping with growing opportunities in the sharing economy, P2P services are becoming popular for everything from shopping and finding temporary commercial workplaces to protecting one's most prized assets with a group insurance plan.

The on-demand service model continues to expand with new offerings like motorbike rental apps and clothing deliveries that eliminate steps from the traditional sales, shopping and delivery process. There is even room for extremely niche services within this category, such as Iggbo, a start-up that employs freelance phlebotomists. Convenience is also being further emphasized with a new wave of at-home services such as swimsuit fittings and cinema-inspired home entertainment packages.