Tazzo Delivers Motorbikes to Users' Doors in Only 20 Minutes

 - Mar 16, 2016
References: tazzobikes
Tazzo is an innovative new motorbike rental service, launched in the Indian city of Hyderabad, that allows you to enjoy on-demand motorbike rentals with home delivery of your chosen bike within only 20 minutes.

The service, which is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, comes with free delivery and pickup and includes a variety of flexible plans that cater to people with different needs. Fares are totally inclusive of fuel costs, while the registration process itself takes just a few moments.

The streets of India are packed with two-wheelers, but there is still a dearth of convenient motorbike rental services that take advantage of an app-based interface. This is exactly what Tazzo does, making it easier than ever for urban Indians to rent motorbikes at short notice.