CrowdReviews is a Platform for Reviews of Businesses and Their Products

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: crowdreviews & springwise
Described as TripAdvisor, but for reviews of businesses, this platform also offers a variety of services including credit card processing, search engine optimization and web design. Currently in beta, CrowdReviews has a B2B focus for user-ranked products and services. This essentially creates a buyers' guide based on reviews of businesses.

You can either view rankings for the best suppliers in your industry, or leave a review and share your experience for the benefit of others. The unbiased, community-driven platform enables increased transparency. Offering benefits for both consumers and companies, CrowdReviews goes above and beyond to also offer software solutions, from finances and marketing to human resources.

Given that 90% of consumers first check user reviews before purchasing, CrowdReviews will be a useful service for people interested in business-to-business dealings.