This Services Employs Freelance Phlebotomists

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: iggbonow & fastcoexist
'Iggbo' is a Virginia-based startup that employs freelance phlebotomists as a way of cutting healthcare costs. Phlebotomists are healthcare workers that draw blood for either clinical or medical testing. While these individuals often work in labs or hospitals, they can now perform freelance services much like Uber drivers.

Iggbo is the brainchild of Nuno Valentine, who intends to apply Uber's on-demand service model to the profession of phlebotomy. Instead of hospitals and labs employing phlebotomists full time, they could simply hire them when necessary. These institutions could then pay the workers per blood drawn, similar to the way Uber drivers are paid for their services. Iggbo would act as the middleman by finding phlebotomists, recruiting them, vetting them and making sure they are qualified.

The new platform demonstrates how the on-demand service model can be applied to different industries in order to help institutions such as hospitals save money.