This Intentionally Flawed Lamp Collection Emits Light Through Holes

 - May 27, 2015
References: janflooklighting
Jan Flook is a designer who has created an intentionally flawed lamp collection called Pandanas that reveals multiple holes to release light. The name of the lamp comes from the tropical Australian plant called Pandanas. These East Coast plants grow on top of one another causing their leaves to overlap and either cast shade or emit fragments of light at different angles. This is why the Pandanas are designed with holes to give the same effect.

The lamps are made from two shade diffusers called anodized aluminum spinnings. The lamp shapes sit atop one another and can each be spun in different directions to release as little or as much light as desired.

Flook seeks to create light fixtures that are futuristic and highly functional. The intentionally flawed lights are categorized as task lights that combine retro styles with technological advancements. The lamps also come with colored gel that can be used to change the mood of the lighting to add an element of play or romance.