Artist Sculpts & Sells a Year's Supply of Food to Support World Hunger

Artist Itamar Gilboa has a new pop-up installation called Food Chain that contains a year's supply of food items made out of porcelain. Gilboa hand-carved each piece of over 8,000 to-scale items. Among the many pieces are milk cartons, fruits, vegetables and condiment shakers.

After tracking everything Gilboa ate for an entire year he made molds of the 150 most commonly consumed foods. The items he created could stock the shelves of an entire super market.

The result ended up being an intimate look at food and human consumption, placing a new perspective on what each person eats. By creating white, flavorless, non-edible food items, he makes us consider our intake and then consider those who aren't so fortunate. Gilboa sells his artwork and donates a portion to organizations working to end world hunger. This is how his year's supply of food display earned the titled Food Chain. What Gilboa ate was turned into art, then exchanged for money, which will be spent on food.