From Beautiful Botanical Bangles to Retro Bubble Backpacks

 - Mar 15, 2016
With the first day of spring around the corner, these spring-friendly floral accessories have never looked so appealing. With a variety of jewelry, bags and sunglasses, these fashion items are sure to upgrade any spring wardrobe.

Jewelry fanatics can express their love for spring with botanical pieces such as Passionflowermade's living plant collection or Modern Flower Child's all-natural bracelets. When it comes to bags, Judith Leiber's crystallized daffodil clutch and Kamilah Willacy's stained glass carryall make the perfect evening accessories whereas Dogbreath Apparel's retro bubble backpacks are perfect for daytime styling.

These spring-friendly floral accessories also include exaggerated floral pieces such as Deryck Todd's Malibu hat -- a piece overly riddled with hibiscus flower details -- as well as Gasoline Glamour's dramatic sunflower shades.