These Natural Bracelets Contain Real Leaves, Flowers, Seeds and Twigs

 - Feb 17, 2015
References: faeriemag & thisiscolossal
An artist who goes by the name Modern Flower Child finds a wonderful way to incorporate real nature and its elements into wearable accessories. This artist, who is based in Coos Bay, Oregon, uses real leaves, flower, pieces of bark, petals, twigs and seeds with resin to create beautiful bangles that look every bit as clean and delicate as the flora they have been picked from. The designs stay close to nature, which is both soothing and refreshing in a creative way.

This modern technique of wearing floral elements that appear chic and organic is sure to bring a new elements of design into your wardrobe. The transparent resin background gives it the flexibility to wear it based on seasonal changes or according to your mood.