'BreakThroughColor' Turns a Color Wheel into a Color Tool for Designers

 - Jun 24, 2015
References: breakthroughcolour & kickstarter
Tracy Holmes has taken her passion for color and created this ultimate color tool for teachers, students, designers, artists and color enthusiasts alike. This color tool elevates the traditionally used color wheel by separating the colors and placing them on large individual cards and then adding more colors and hues to the deck.

By placing colors on convenient handheld cards, it is easier to play with color combinations as well as find a desired shade. The massive deck of cards can be sorted into six smaller decks based on similar colors. On each card is a three digit code that reveals where that specific color sits within the entire collection.

In addition, Holmes designed a color cube to aid in the deciphering of color schemes. This allows users to not just see what color they are using, but it shows them where each particular color sits among the other shades, tints and hues.