From Cosmic Bottle Branding to Flat Pack Sushi Containers

 - Jul 25, 2015
The top July 2015 modern trends highlight some of the larger patterns able to be observed in the world of design. From streamlined designs that reimagine everyday household items to whimsical, immersive public art installations that seek to inspire playfulness and relaxation, there are plenty of examples that point to the future of modern design.

Falling in line with environmental concerns and, by extension, the art of upcycling, many businesses are able to differentiate themselves by using reclaimed materials that add charisma to the designs. A great example of this is Wallace Detroit Guitars, a Motor City company handcrafting stunning guitars from salvaged wood from some of the city's many abandoned buildings.

Additionally, a unique pattern being invested in by many municipalities is the concept of urban placemaking. By creating safe, well-lit and aesthetically stimulating public art structures, municipalities are investing in the health and well-being of individual citizens.