These Smart Pots Digitally Display Directions for Quality Cooking

 - Jun 5, 2015
References: competition.adesignaward & tuvie
If Fatemeh Bateni has anything to say about the future of cooking technology, smart pots such as these will eliminate the need to constantly consult cookbooks. Looking at these computerized renderings of her MeMeNtiC Connected Pot designs, you will see a legible digital interface providing recipe instructions in a logical manner.

Essentially, the futuristic saucepans could link you to high-profile chefs or even your own culinary heroes. The directions for executing the meal-making methods with measured precision are provided by a language of lit-up icons along a visual timeline that appears around the outer rim of the cookers. As the stages of a recipe progress, the user would be informed about when to add which ingredient, and in what quantity. When the meal is ready, these smart pots have handles that illuminate in orangey-red.