From Planetary Coffee Tables to Phone-Powered Lamps

 - Jul 26, 2015
Now that the warmer weather is upon us, many of the top July 2015 home ideas support homeowners in the pursuit of enjoying music, cycling and other outdoor activities. This can be seen in a number of indoor bike rack designs that satisfy the functional and style-related requirements of storing a two-wheeler, as well as a number of furniture and decor items that include built-in sound or music-making systems. After being holed up for most of the winter, home products like these heighten the enjoyment of the patios and lawns.

Some of the most ingenious products that homeowners will be appreciative of include app-controlled sprinkler systems, the Bottomless Bin for making sure you never run out of garbage bags and digital printers that apply bold graphic designs to a vertical like wallpaper.

When converged with other ideas, the smallest tweaks to existing objects on the market are satisfying the need for both function and novelty in home products.