Kwambio's 3D-Printed Desk Lamp is Powered by a Phone Flashlight

 - Jun 25, 2015
References: & 3dprint
3D printing startup Kwambio's newest creation is a clever twist on the use of a phone flashlight as an illuminator.

The 3D-printed desk lamp form is made just like a holster for an iPhone, except its positioning leaves the back end with the light facing downwards, so that light can be projected over a flat surface.

In this position, it's even possible for the phone to be plugged into the wall for charging, since the cable connection is one of the few other parts of the phone that's left exposed. Although temporarily serving as the power source of this unusual lamp, it's also possible for the phone to emit music and have it clearly heard, thanks to the iPhone's design stationing the speakers on the bottom edge of the phone.