This Luxury Lamp Uses Three Adjustment Settings to Focus its Light

 - Jun 14, 2015
References: luxurylaunches
Dyson has create a luxury lamp called 'CSYS' for desks that uses three adjustment settings to cast different rays of light. The lamp is comprised of two poles that allow it to move effortlessly through three axes to go up or down, in or out and move in a rotational form. The barring wheels ensure each movement of the luxury lamp is smooth.

By adjusting the lamp up and down, the lights focus changes. When the lamp is lowered, it is easy to focus on work, and when it is lifted, it casts a larger array of light. The lamp does not cast light to every inch of the room because it is designed to focus on specific tasks.

CSYS is built with a heat sink to ensure the LED light will last 37 years. This number is based on the lamp being used for 12 hours a day, every day for 37 years.