From Scribbled Table Concepts to Modular Shelf Designs

 - Jul 26, 2015
These July 2015 furniture ideas range from scribbled table concepts to modular shelving designs that take on an organic shape. In addition to the month's modular storage solutions, a focus on artistry and artisanal craftsmanship is key. While designers are ditching minimalism in exchange for sculptural details -- gilded table legs, flower petal chair cushions and enclosed seating concepts -- home owners are embracing upcycled and eco-friendly decor accents.

The month's sustainable standouts include living rooms that feature a fully recyclable furniture range along with outdoor seating concepts that are made from repurposed milk jugs that would otherwise contribute to plastic pollution.

These July 2015 furniture products also include marketing examples that appeal to niche interests -- while IKEA's recent campaign centers around a bungee jumping stunt, Leon's targets a younger and more urban demographic with its yoga-inspired 'Zen' sale event.