The Zero-Energy Furniture Table Can Absorb and Emit Heat

 - Jun 9, 2015
References: zef-design.tumblr & curbed
The Zero-Energy Furniture Table table is an oak table that is capable of absorbing and emitting heat much like a sponge. The table was developed by Paris-based designer Jean-Sebastien Lagrange and engineer Raphael Menard, with the intention of "creating furniture that could work as a solution to climate change."

The table is made of a wax-like substance that takes advantages of the properties of phase-changing materials. This substance absorbs heat at 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit or above, and releases it when the room becomes colder. So if the Zero-Energy Furniture Table were to be located in a conference room or used as a shared working space in a public lounge, it would absorb the excess heat generated by people seated round it. Excess heat would then be trapped and slowly released to help maintain a consistent temperature.

The table is tipped by its inventors for use in home and hospital environments, but it could just as easily be at home in any public space where people have use for tables.