From Ergonomic Work Furniture to Rodent-Themed Desks

 - Jan 25, 2016
These standing desk designs range from kid-friendly work stations that encourage healthy habits at a young age to rodent-themed office furniture that gets employees moving while they work. With greater awareness about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, there is a growing demand for standing desks that fit many different work environments.

While standing desks are often thought of as an office innovation, many brands are bringing the concept to schools as well. Introducing standing desks at an early age helps children get used to the idea of doing work while standing and also gets them out of their seat for a portion of the day.

In the office environment, standing desks have also undergone many changes. Beyond simply getting employees out of their seat, many of the latest standing desk designs encourage additional fitness. For example, there are companies pairing their standing desks with surfboard-style decks, as well as companies adding hamster wheel-inspired treadmills to their workspaces.