This Standing School Desk Aims to Change the Way Kids Think About Work

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: jaswig & fastcoexist
This standing school desk is designed to revolutionize the unhealthy workplace culture of sitting.

A slew of recent articles cite the health risks and problems caused by sitting all day. Some workplaces have implemented standing areas or installed a single standing desk that workers can choose to move to throughout the day. But it's hard to make this transition when workers are so used to the mentality of sitting to work.

Danish design company Jaswig decided that the solution to this problem was to create a standing school desk, so that students come to associate working with standing early on. It takes mere seconds to easily adjust the desk so that it fits the height of any student (or teacher). It has a footrest so that weight can be balanced on one leg or the other throughout the day, encouraging movement.

The standing school desk represents an important shift away from the culture of seated desk work.