These Upcycled Garbage Cans are Turned into Functional Furniture Pieces

Design Fabrika uses upcycled garbage cans in this furniture line. The pieces are all made from metal garbage bins. The transformation from a street-oriented trash containers to fully functioning furniture is beautiful. Each piece still maintains the rustic authenticity of a menal bin that has been re-purposed as a decorative and useful household item.

These eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing upcycled garbage cans have been turned into a line of items that includes chairs, stools, washbasins, ice buckets, footrests, dressing tables and a keg station. The stools and seats are upholstered with bright colored material that create a unique fusion between grungy street-style and elegant seating. The use of the ice bucket that doubles as a cooler is a brilliant way to increase the functionality of the pieces even more.

Instead of taking out the trash, these pieces will have you ushering them inside.