From Cardboard Animal Sculptures to Sustainable Pop-Art Decor

 - Aug 22, 2015
While sculptures and decorative artworks are fascinating to admire, these eco-friendly art pieces are both beautiful and sustainable. Many artists have found a way to incorporate wasteful materials into their organic art displays. For example, designers Azusa Murkakmi and Alexander Groves created a vast collection of whimsical artworks that solely use pieces of plastic garbage found in the sea.

Other pieces of art are actually fully functioning devices as well. These types of artworks strive to make a bold statement about the resources we have and how to maintain them. Artist Tomás Saraceno made his point by creating a hot air balloon made out of plastic bags that looked like the patchwork of a quilt.

These examples of eco-friendly art pieces aim to support the cause of global sustainability while simultaneously providing eye-pleasing displays of art.