Florentijn Hofman Created Colossal Slugs with 40,000 Bags

Slow Slugs is a vast structure of two slugs designed by Florentijn Hofman using 40,000 plastic bags.

Dutch native and eccentric artist Florentijn Hofman has done the absolutely incredible with his latest piece of insect artwork. These two upcycled slugs are located in Angers, France looking as if they’re slowly but surely making their way up the small city street. It was Hofman’s love for the environment that sparked the flame of inspiration for this vast and truly intricate piece. Recycling plastic bags that had made their awful way into the garbage, Hofman saved them from planet damnation and turned them into beautiful pieces of work. These sculptures are a true beauty to look at and have drawn quite the audience since being completed.

These sculptures are absolutely breathtaking and teach us to cherish our lovely planet more.