This Sustainable Hot Air Balloon is Made Entirely of Recycled Plastic Bags

 - Aug 14, 2015
References: tomassaraceno & beautifuldecay
Artist Tomás Saraceno created this plastic bag hot air balloon to expose the environmental impact of pollution. This environmental awareness project is titled 'Becoming Aerosolar.'

Tomás Saraceno sewed together the entire structure, which vividly resembles the patchwork of a quilt. The purpose for this artwork and science project was to trap the sun's heat inside a plastic bag balloon. This experiment was designed to recreate the effect that greenhouse gases have within the Earth's atmosphere.

Since plastic bags cannot be broken down and are rarely recycled, this project challenges the idea of waste by creating a functional transportation device. The pure beauty of the hot air balloon is glorious but also functional. This majestic balloon will be on display at the '21er Haus' exhibition in Vienna until the end of the month.