These Pop Culture Characters are Recreated Using Recycled Aluminum Cans

A Japanese artist by the name of Makeon is cleverly recycling various aluminum cans by turning them into works of pop culture. The cans are cut up and reconstructed into recognizable popular characters and animals.

Makeon's talent of turning upcycled cans into works of art is quite breathtaking -- especially considering the amount of time it probably took him to cut up all these cans. Some of Makeon's sculptures include the infamous Batman made from recycled blue and silver printed cans, a T-rex dinosaur, Darth Vader's scary mask, Transformer characters and even a reproduction of the popular work of art The Great Wave. In each of these sculptures, Makeon has meticulously cut away at various colored aluminum cans and bent the metal to replicate the size and shape of noteworthy pop culture figures.