- Mar 4, 2015
Creating a unique craft brew is not enough; the beer needs to be marketed in such a way that the brand's unique personality shines as brightly as the unique flavors contained in the brews. In order to differentiate the product from the mass-produced offerings, a microbrewery must cultivate an image of grassroots sensibilities coupled with a dedication to superior craftsmanship.

From floral-infused and kombucha beers, to microbrewery rating apps and craft brewery subscriptions, creativity and innovation abound in the craft beer realm. Wild craft beer flavors such as sriracha, peanut butter and jelly, cereal and mint chocolate are contrasted with creative means for gathering ingredients, such as developing hybrid hops or cultivating the yeast from one brew master's beard.

Microbreweries often enlist the creative industry's best and brightest to create branding and packaging for beers that are meant to provide an outside of the box drinking experience.

From Craft Beer Subscriptions to Microbrew Beer Testing Apps: