Mirth Provisions Creates a Cannabis-Infused Drink Line Called Legal

 - Sep 4, 2014
References: mirthprovisions & fastcoexist
Move over beer, drinkable marijuana is here. Those who have never really been a fan of brownies will appreciate this alternate way of ingesting they're favorite mind-bending drug. Cheekily dubbed 'Legal,' the line of cannabis-infused drinks will also provide people with a sense of security when it does come to using it. After all, drinkable marijuana does away with the telltale signs of smoke and smells.

Created by Mirth Provisions, a Washington-based company that makes edible marijuana products, drinkable marijuana is currently on the market. Available in four flavors: Sparkling Rainier Cherry, Sparkling Lemon Ginger, and Sparking Pomegranate. According to the creators, each flavor offers a different kind of high. Each bottle contains no more than 10 mg of cannabis per serving size, which is the legal amount in Washington and Colorado.