- Sep 14, 2015
Whether it's because they're gift services apps that exist only as online bakeries or because they display a unique, quirky retro aesthetic in their interior decor, these unconventional bakeries are each innovative in their own way.

Sweetness is a gift services app that allows users to send baked goods from a local bakery to a recipient of their choice. They can even personalize the delivery with a video message sent through the app -- much better than your standard, non-cupcake-accompanied card.

Online bakery Mah-Ze-Dahr has no physical retail location, instead, it delivers mouthwatering gourmet treats through its site and app.

On the other end of the spectrum, Bake Shoppe is a quirky local Toronto bakery that proves that interesting decor and a friendly environment draw customers in.

Be it by revolutionary delivery and retailing concepts or unique themes and products, these bakeries prove that the world is still hungry for pastry in its many forms.

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