Kittys Kakes Offers Marijuana Dank Pops and Mini Dopenuts

 - Jun 16, 2014
References: instagram & kittyskakesca
Kittys Kakes is one of the first bakeries to offer marijuana-infused pastries and desserts, something made much more easy as the legalization of weed spreads throughout the United States. First the Samich Food Truck introduced THC-ladened sandwiches and now as a perfect complement, for those with high tolerances at least, can now top it off with an equally medicated sweet afterwards.

Based in Garden Grove, California, Kittys Kakes specializes in Dank Pops and Mini Dopenuts. Available in different flavors, they could be eaten for recreational purposes, but Kittys Kakes points out other benefits for such 'medibles.' "Indica based our Pops and Dopenuts are commonly prescribe for insomnia, anxiety, spasms/seizures, inflammation, general pain relief and for those needing help with muscle relaxation or sleep."