- Sep 24, 2015
Considering that it can take hours to prepare a cold-brewed or iced coffee, it's no surprise that many consumers favor pre-packaged products that make it easy to grab a cold coffee to go. Aside from providing sheer convenience, many of these ready-to-drink beverages are offering completely new ways to enjoy cold coffee beverages.

Just as there has been a huge movement to create hybrid versions of every food imaginable, the beverage industry is following suit. This is exemplified in caffeinated products that are mixed with energy drinks, fruit juices or even superfood ingredients. In order to make it extremely easy to grab a container and go, many of these innovative coffee drinks are pre-mixed with a dairy beverage or almond milk base.

For consumers who still like to be somewhat involved in preparing their own beverages, portable devices like Invergo's pour-over coffee maker and the Coil conveniently prepare cold coffee to go.

These Items Simplify Grabbing a Cold Coffee to Go: