Slingshot Cold Coffee Brew is for the Caffeinated Beverage Connoisseur

Making the perfect cup of ice coffee using entails using stale stuff that's been sitting around since the morning, which is why Slingshot cold brew coffee is essential for the cold caffeinated beverage connoisseur. The cold coffee brew comes in two different types including a ready-to-drink version and a concentrated version that allows for perfectly tailoring the level of intensity in every cup.

Slingshot is simple and pure with the only two ingredients being filtered tap water and in-season coffee beans to ensure that the only thing you'll taste is rich caffeinated goodness. What's more, Slingshot cold coffee brew is a better alternative health-wise because hot brewed coffee that is turned into iced coffee usually contains a higher level of negative oxidants that aren't good to consume, so not only will your taste buds thank you, but your heart too.