'Coil' is a Coffee Chiller That Will Instantly Cool Your Cup of Coffee

 - Jun 3, 2015
References: misc-goods-co & hiconsumption
'Coil' is a coffee chiller that is designed to instantly cool down any cup of freshly brewed coffee in just a matter of minutes. Without the need for a refrigerator, this handy device allows you to enjoy fresh iced coffee anytime.

The Coli coffee chiller is made up of four key ceramic pieces, but most importantly it is the middle container that houses the impressive nine feet of coiled stainless steel tubing. To use the Coli, simply pour your coffee into the stainless steel tubing or brew it directly into the device, then fill the middle container with ice and cold water. The coils will work to bring the temperature of your coffee down from a high of 210 degrees to a chilly 48 degrees in less than four minutes. With summer already on the way, this device is a must-have for any iced coffee aficionado.