This Hybrid Beverage Has as Much Caffeine as a Double Espresso

 - Sep 21, 2015
References: & foodbev
'V Energy' recently developed a new energy drink that has as much caffeine as a double espresso coffee beverage. For many consumers, a regular cup of coffee provides enough caffeine to get them through a busy day. However, other people require a more powerful energy boost in order to keep them going.

The new 'V Double Espresso Iced Coffee' is a cross between an iced coffee and an energy drink. The blended beverage is made from a combination of milk, coffee powder, guarana, sugar and B vitamins. The result is a sweet energy drink that contains the same amount of caffeine as a double espresso coffee beverage. The energy-boosting beverage is largely designed for those who need something more substantial than a regular cup of coffee.

V Double Espresso Iced Coffee demonstrates that there is significant consumer interest in hybrid beverages that offer the taste of coffee and the effects of an energy drink.