From Instant Coffee Cubes to Cold Brew Advent Calendars

 - Dec 18, 2015
These instant coffee innovations range from versatile coffee caplets to chilled seasonal blends that are bottled for convenience and on-the-go enjoyment. Standouts include instant coffee cubes that are ready to enjoy once they have been mixed with hot water along with festive cold brew kits that are modeled after a traditional advent calendar. The Cold Brew Company's 'Twelve Days of Christmas' kit lets coffee fans sample premium blends without investing in a full-sized beverage.

Other instant coffee innovations include canned coffee wines, convenient cold brew cartons and festive coffee kits that include both single-serve pods and artisanal bean varieties. As more coffee brands enter the instant beverage market, ready-made beverages are no longer associated with low quality.

In addition to coffee giants like Starbucks, a variety of independent and craft coffee makers are releasing their own versions of instant varieties.