These Barista-Quality Beverages Come in Convenient Ready-to-Drink Bottles

'Celestial' recently released a line of tasty tea lattes that come in ready-to-drink bottles or concentrated beverage blends. While there are a number of bottled coffee beverages available to consumers, there are less pre-packed options available to tea drinkers. With this new line of portable tea lattes, consumers can enjoy their favorite barista-quality tea beverages without having to make a trip to their local coffee shop.

The new line of Celestial Lattes are available in portable ready-to-drink bottles or as a concentrated powder that can be used to blend your own drinks at home. Made from masala chai and matcha green tea powder, these drinks are brimming with the rich flavors of naturally brewed tea. Beyond using all-natural tea, the bottled lattes are also free from any artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives.

There are four indulgent flavors available, including Dirty Chai, The Godfather, Mountain Chai and Matcha Green.