From Adaptogenic Chocolate Bars to Mushroom-Based Teas

 - Apr 26, 2017
Medicinal mushrooms have played a vital role in traditional Eastern medicine for thousands of years, but these beneficial ingredients are only now beginning to come into the spotlight as ingredients in food and beverages.

While the idea of eating mushrooms as snacks may not seem at all appealing to the majority of consumers, brands like Freaky Health Chocolate and Purely Elizabeth are making it easy to enjoy the benefits of medicinal mushrooms by offering chocolate and snack bars.

Across the beverage industry, brands are introducing ready-to-drink tonics, coffee mixes as well as tea sachets that feature mushrooms as a main ingredient. One of the best examples of this is Choice Organic Teas' Wellness Teas collection, which includes varieties such as Shiitake Maté and Reishi Matcha.