Choice Organic Teas Makes Wellness Teas with Reishi and Shiitake

Mushrooms are the star ingredients in Choice Organic Teas' Wellness Teas collection, which provides a number of blends to support the immune system, focus and productivity, stress management and cellular health.

Products in the Wellness Tea collection include unique varieties such as Shiitake Maté and Reishi Matcha, which are enriched with medicinal mushrooms and other beneficial ingredients like green tea, eleuthero root, ashwagandha and yerba mate. Alongside these caffeinated varieties, there are also caffeine-free tea blends for those with sensitivities or a desire to relax.

Medicinal mushrooms are now appearing in everything from snack bars and coffee to hot cocoa beverages and supplements, as they have the potential to provide numerous benefits for the body's many systems.