This Line of Coffee is Ethically Sourced and Packaged in a Recyclable Can

 - Jul 11, 2015
References: uncrate
'Hotbox Roasters' is the world's first canned coffee made from ethically sourced ingredients. While coffee in a can is nothing new, the Hotbox Roasters line is the only canned coffee that is made entirely from fair trade beans.

Hotbox Roasters are made from high-quality coffee beans sourced from farmers in Kenya, Bolivia and Indonesia. Each of the cans features a fun name that reflects its origin, including 'Kenya Dig It' and 'Frank Sumatra.' The company does not add any additional flavors or additives to its coffee, meaning you can be sure you are getting nothing but pure coffee goodness.

Beyond adhering to fair trade practices, the drinks are also packaged in 32-ounce recyclable cans. The company wants to ensure that its canned coffees not only taste great, but also have a minimal negative impact on the world.