- Jun 26, 2015
As consumers increasingly look for meals that are both fast and convenient, mobile eateries have become a popular choice for food on the go. With fun themes and extravagant dishes, food trucks have become an everyday sight in many cities.

One of the major advantages of food trucks is the power to pack up and move wherever business is best. This means that food trucks can pop up outside of office buildings for the lunch rush and then move on as soon as the customers disappear. This also means that food trucks can easy set up shop at popular events such as concerts, parades and music festivals.

Mobile eateries have also become extremely popular because of the food they offer. Because they don't have to pay for the upkeep of a brick and mortar building, food trucks are able to spend more money on fresh ingredients and fun flavors. Some interesting examples of mobile eateries that are pushing the boundaries of food include mobile juice bars, roadkill-themed diners and even canine-focused food trucks.

From Mobile Farmer's Markets to Fashion-Focused Food Trucks: