5 Signs You Might Be Obsessed with Food Trucks (SPONSORED)

 - Jun 2, 2014
References: facebook & summeroffridays
You Actually Brake for Food Trucks
When you see a food truck, you make a b-line for it. You’ll take a left on red. You’ll cross three lanes of traffic. You’ll cut people off. Even if you’re not hungry. You just can’t resist a food truck.

You Camp Out Before They’re Open
Look at you, outsmarting all those line-waiters! Nothing’s worse than a food truck line (except a DMV line), so you simply bring your portable folding chair with cup holder, a good book/tablet/smartphone and camp out so you can be first in line when it opens.

Your Last Three Anniversary Dinners Were at Food Trucks
Who says food trucks are reserved for casual meals only? Not you! Tell the one you love how much you care with a meal you eat standing up, at a restaurant on wheels that has zero mood lighting.

When You Go Running, the Half Way Point is a Food Truck
The whole reason you run in the first place is so you can eat at more food trucks. So it only makes sense that you make sure to run past one on your daily jog.

They've Named a Dish After You
OMG! OMG! OMG! Your favorite food truck created a dish based on your substitutions to an existing menu item. That’s like winning some sort of food truck lottery. Congrats.

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