From Grilled Cherry Salsa to Barbecued Dessert Hybrids

 - Jul 23, 2015
As July 22 marks the beginning of National Grilling Month this list of extravagantly grilled treats provides multiple recipes to test out. These grilled treats provide a twist on the traditionally grilled meals like steak and burgers.

Keeping it on the fresher side, this list includes grilled watermelon salads and grilled fruit salads. Freshly grilled fruit adds a warm and sweet flavor into a tasty dish. These summery fruit recipes are the perfect way to make a light and delicious meal during the warm months. There are also sweet desserts that can be grilled for an extra crispy texture like the cake kebob recipe.

Since summer is ideal for barbecuing and National Grilling Month has just begun, these recipes combine the best of both worlds -- grilled treats and light eats.