This Wewalka Product is Designed for Preparing Dough on the Grill

Dough is most often associated with oven preparation, but Wewalka introduced a product that's meant to assist with the process of making dough on the grill. The 'Grill Dough' is rolled and pre-cut into four sections that can be made as flatbread or skewered bread-on-stick forms over an open flame.

In addition to its inventive barbecue-friendly breadsticks, Wewalka also produces dough for an assortment of baked products, including croissants, pizza and pastries. With all of its products, Wewalka sells its dough in sleeves with a one-way valve to preserve optimal freshness. The brand notes: "You’ll never find our dough crammed up in cans that explode onto your countertop."

The inventive bread product introduces an all-new way for consumers to prepare fresh, crispy bread in their own backyards.