- Apr 15, 2017
It may not be long before edible emoji creations like these start to dominate store shelves and restaurants. Emoticons have taken off in the era of smartphones, and companies of all types and sizes are all-in on the craze. Chevrolet issued a press release filled entirely with emojis not that long ago, and the Internet's new craze looks to be emoji face masks. You can't exactly eat a press release or face mask, though.

With the amount of food emojis out there you think more companies would move to create edible emoticons. That hasn't been the case, but these edible emoji creations give us hope that the tide will soon turn. The majority of these creations are baked goods, but there are some alcoholic beverages and sweets featured here as well. Millennial-friendly brands, or those looking to become more millennial-friendly, would do wise to brainstorm new edible emoji creations.

From Emoji-inspired Churros to Emotive Gummy Candies: