From Culinary Herb Gardening Kits to DIY Wooden Armrests

 - Mar 13, 2016
The top March 2016 DIY ideas speak to the far-reaching nature of the maker culture movement. From at-home catnip gardens in a bag to DIY ghost chilli hot sauce kits, there are plenty of tutorials and ready-made set that make creating something with your own two hands a manageable task.

Potting Shed Creations is an American DIY gardening brand that offers a variety of handy all-inclusive kits that make starting your own culinary herb or spice garden easy and a possibility within your own kitchen.

Separately, the 'Glue Looper' is a tool for highly advanced crafters looking for a tool to make assembling the tiniest contraptions. Currently up for consideration on Kickstarter, the Glue Looper is a glue applicator that will keep your hands clean and will help conserve your patience.